80 Cool Youtube Channel Ideas To Start a New Youtube Channel For Beginners 2018

Youtube Channel Ideas
Youtube channel ideas

Are looking for Youtube Channel Ideas for Beginners and YouTube videos ideas For Start a New Youtube Channel?

YouTube has now become the world’s second largest search engine, in the last few years.

Today YouTube has become a solution to every human problem, people are not just using YouTube to solving their problems, but some people have changed their lives by working on YouTube.

There are so many artists and creators who have made their name in the entire world from YouTube, have made a different identity.

But Only having a good Youtube idea is Not a Big Deal.

A big deal is:

” Your video must be of that quality and relevancy “

So today we will talk about Youtube channels ideas and topics. I will give you 80 great Youtube channel ideas and video ideas on which you can work today and make your YouTube channel as a brand.

80 Youtube Channel Ideas for Beginners

1. Make YouTube Video For Foodies

Youtube Video ideas

Being a big-time foodie myself, I Really love to watch reviews of the favorite restaurant and hotels in my city and also about foods people eat around the world. Tell people about the good hotels and restaurants around you And am sure, there are much more people like me.Who loves food and will definitely watch your video.

2. Ask Random People About Their Life’s Experiences

Youtube Video ideas

If you are also searching a new topic for youtube channel then it can be the best topic for you.You do not always have to Interview a celebrity.

You can interview a person you meet on the street or a person sitting on a park bench all alone. Everyone has their own story to tell. and also a kind of social service.

3. Create Screencast Videos

All of them know that people are very much used to watch, what others doing in there mobile, So why not share our mobile screens with the people.

” And recording your Mobile and computer screen is not a hard task “

Screencasting is nothing but recording your mobile and computer screen. You can create tutorial videos of using certain computer applications or websites by recording your computer screen while using the same.

4. Create Prank Fails Videos

Youtube Video ideas

If prank videos can get you a lot of viewers and subscriber, prank fails videos can get you, even more, viewers as it can turn out to be funnier. However, not every day, a prank fails. So creating prank fails videos cannot be easy. However, you may enact such fails to look real.

5. Share Your Views On Trending Topics

I think this the best topic for making money and getting views and subscribers. You can make a video of you, sharing your views on a trending topic. Now your question is how to find a trending topic ?? right

I have a solution for you, Just go the ” Google Trend “ and you will see all the trending topics by the category and country. Select Best one topic create a video and upload it to youtube and Booom.

6. Ask Random Questions To People Down The Street

You can ask some good and interesting questions to the peoples and make a video of it. I am sure people will love this concept.

Ask super cool and interesting questions like:

” What would you do/not do for a million dollars? “

In fact, if you are from India, such videos are on trend right now and you can also get a huge number of subscribers.

7. Behind The Scenes

Youtube Video ideas

Does something cool and people will always want to know how you did it.

When YouTubers shows How well they could cover up tattoos they got about 11 million views.

They also released a behind the scenes video showing how they did it and got an additional 7 million views.

7. Service and Product Reviewing

This is a good idea. You can review a product or service if there is a product or service that you are using form last 2 – 3 month and you think that it can help others, and then you can make a video on it.

You can make the people known about the product and service, remember you need to review the product or service that you are using it and if you think it is also useful for the viewer just make a video and upload it on the youtube channel.


11. Vlogging Your Daily Life

Vlogging is easy but Vlogging can make you popular very fast on YouTube and you do not have to spend too much for it. All you need is a camera and a mic and you can start vlogging. Make videos of what you do from morning to evening, tell people about your lifestyle.

9. Tech and Computer Tutorials

New gadgets are launched every day in the market. It is a good topic if you have an interest in technology.

If you have good information about mobile and computers, then you can solve people’s mobiles and computer problems by sorting them out.

All you need is a good camera and mic but if your budget is low you can also buy the best earphones with mic for record voice recording.

You started to grow very soon because gadgets and tech are such things that people want to learn. And many of these are also Problems, so just solve these problems and make a video on it.

10. Unboxing Products

Yes, now a day this is the most popular topic on youtube.  You can also start a youtube channel on it. When a new product comes on the market, people search for that.

You can inform the people about the unboxing of products that are new in the market. And tell all the information related to the product.


12.  Singing and Instrument Playing

This is the best Youtube Channel Ideas if you are a good singer.

YouTube is a platform who made a lot of artists popular on youtube and today many YouTuber’s have already entered into Bollywood directly from YouTube.

” YouTube Is the biggest platform for artist “

If you sing well then you should definitely work on this topic. This will make you popular very fast on youtube because everyone loves to listen to music.

13. YouTube Intro Video

Your channel Intro is a video that automatically starts playing …when someone browses your YouTube channel page. Interesting intro video can help you get more likes and youtube subscribers.

14. Comedy

Maybe you do not know Bb ki Vines, but today Bb ki Vines is the most popular YouTube comedy channel in India. Comedy has taken a new turn in India. Many Youtuber’s are doing comedy and everyone has their own ways.

If you even do some comedy, you can make a video by giving it a new look. And you do not have to spend a rupee for this. You can shoot a video on your mobile.

15. Lifestyle Advice

As you know, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world; you also know that everybody is going through some problems in their life today. In such a situation, the man tries to solve this problem with the help of internet.

You can make a video on solving the problem of people. Look around to see which problems people are facing and make the video of the solutions to their problems.

16. News or Entertainment

The news is a topic in which you do not have to work harder. News has become a part of everyone’s life. People want to know what is happening in their country, city, and the world, You can also create a news channel for starting a youtube carrier.

All you need to subscribe all the top news sites so you can get the latest news and convert that news into video and upload that on youtube.

17. Education Channel

If you are well aware of a field. If you know how to do that work very well. So record your video and tell the people how to do that work… What to do… and what not to do…

Explain step-by-step so they can do that work easily and they can learn something from your video. Cool youtube channel ideas.

18. Traveling

What could be better than traveling to a new place? If you love to travel then make your travel video and give the information about the new place, show everyone that which place is better for traveling. Explore the new place. It is a little expensive.

19. Animation Video

YES, because of its a very easy Youtube Channel Ideas for Beginners.YouTube is a standout amongst another stage for sharing your imaginative manifestations

. Make energized shorts, web arrangement appears or even long films to assemble a following and get a criticism from your watchers.

20. Top 10/5/20 Thing

Nowadays online shopping is getting crazy; just make a video on Top 10 and Top 5 Things. Top 10 earphones, Top 10 Mobiles, Top 5 Songs of the Week and etc.

Because people love to watch this type of thing, And I promise you, Your Channel will attract the people and you will get more and more views.

21. Best and Worst

This is also a very cool topic, just tell people about 5 good things and 5 worst things about specific things like the song, video, mobile phones etc.

22. Language

If you know any language well, then you should also teach the language, whoever will search for learning the language you know, your video will come in the front and he can learn that language

23. Mobiles Apps

Today millions of mobile app are being launched every week, all you need to do is download them and make a video. Tell your viewers how that app can help out people. Download the new app daily and tell people about it futures.

24. How to or Tutorials

If you can solve any type of problems just make a video and give a solution to youtube viewers… You can make a tutorial on any skill. Make a video on how to recover your deleted mobile data, how to delete a virus from your computer or a mobile.

25. Motivation Speakers

People love to listen to the motivational speech, song, etc. to boost their moral level and energy. Make a video which can motivate a person.

26. Tips and Tricks

If you have some tricks or tips about social sites, like how to increase facebook photo likes tricks and how to gain Instagram followers and much more. people will love this types of tricks and tips.

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27. Growing Tips

if you are expert in your fields and want to share your knowledge with the public. You can help people in this way but this is only for the expert. Growing tips like, how to grow your business, how to live a better life, how to make a good relationship etc.

28. Free Stuff to Download

Make a video of apps, games or software. You can also drive traffic to your blog by providing a small giveaway.

29. Beauty Tips for Men and Women

Everyone wants to look good, am I right? Just make a video on beauty tips like how to style your hair, how to dress, how to look more attractive and upload it to youtube.

30. Biographies

Make a short video on good or bad things about celebrities. make a video of their lifestyle, make a video of their work, humanity, dial faces etc. this is the best idea because people want to know about celebrities lifestyle.

31. Prank and Funny Videos

Pranks are a most popular thing on youtube, a lot of people making a video of the prank and earning a lot of money, by just doing a prank. Take a camera and shoot a funny video of your friends and others.

32. Photo Slideshows

Get some royalty free music and make a slideshows video about old pics, holiday, and travel trips, etc.

33. Time-lapse Video

Point your camera at window, table, and desk and capture your day in fast motions. This new thing maybe it will make you different on youtube.

34. Musically Video

Sorry to say but it’s not an easy Youtube Channel Ideas for Beginners. Make a dance video or a lip-sync short video on the new and old song and upload it to youtube, and people will watch your video coz people love to watch dance. but it’s not an easy task.


36. Book Reviews

Book reviews can make your youtube channel popular very fast because people do not have time to read a book, so what will you do?

You can make a video of super famous books lesson and the people who do not have time to read a book will watch your video for sure.

8. YouTube Intro Video

Your channel Intro is a video that automatically starts playing when someone browses your YouTube channel page. Having an interesting intro video can help you get more subscribers.

37. Cooking

This is the simple and easy Youtube Channel Ideas for Beginners. Everyone has to mourn the food. If you are a good cook or you make good dishes, then it is a very profitable idea for you. You can quickly famous your youtube channel.

38. Interviews

if you can talk about any topics or you love to ask questions then this idea is just for you. Record an interview video of successful people, and show their stories on YouTube

A complete list of Youtube Channel Ideas for Beginners & Youtube Video ideas

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  1.  DIY Video
  2. Interviews
  3.  Magic Tricks
  4. Morning Routine
  5.  Sports Talk/Workout
  6. Q&A
  7. Unboxing Video
  8. What I Got For…
  9. A Favorite Youtube Videos
  10. Best Songs
  11. Best Movies
  12. Things I do When I Am Bored
  13.  What’s In My Bag
  14.  Give a Tour Of Your Room
  15. Review a Game
  16. Compare One Game to Another
  17. Compare One App to Another
  18. How to…
  19. Reacting to YouTube comments
  20. Reacting to old videos
  21. Favorite YouTube videos or YouTubers
  22. Blooper compilation
  23. Remake an old video
  24. Informative video:
  25. Reaction Videos
  26. Compare Song to Another
  27. Compare video To Another
  28. Videos about Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend
  29. Baby and Animal Videos
  30. 50 Things about Me
  31. Sibling Tag
  32.  Mall Haul
  33. Clothing Collection
  34. Summer Clothes
  35. Innovative Recipes
  36. FAQ Videos
  37. Videos Showing Your Inner Talent
  38. An Opinion Video

Millions of million videos are uploaded on YouTube every day, you have to work on YouTube with a good idea, youtube has become a huge platform; you can get all kinds of top videos and channels on YouTube.

Sometimes, making a YouTube channel has become a bit harder, because today every topic has some YouTube channel and video. In this case, you need to get started very well here. I think there were the best Youtube channel ideas to start a work.

If your video is not good then your competitor, then people will not like

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Youtube channel ideas

So this was the list of some YouTube channel ideas and video ideas in which you do not need to work harder and in today’s that topic is very popular, people are working on it and making a good fame and money.

You just need a camera so that you can shoot your video and a mic to record your voice.or video, Right? That’s why you need to start a channel on a topic where you can solve your audience problems well.

You have to be a master of your work. So that you could tell people this YouTube Channel or YouTube video can help you very well.

I hope you will like this article 🙂 You are Reading this article Techzino.com Sharing is Caring.

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