10 Cool Ways to Promote Your Youtube Channel Free and Get More Subscribers

Want To Promote YouTube Channel and Get More Subscribers?Promote Youtube Channel

In today’s article, I am going to tell you how you can Promote YouTube channel free and get more Subscribers. Today competition on YouTube has increased so much that it is very difficult to increase the YouTube view and subscribes unless there are more than 1000 Subscribers.

It’s far hard because there are some YouTube channels on all subjects which are already at no 1 with a lot of view and subscribers but you can grow your YouTube views and subscribe rapid if you make your channel as a brand.

How to Promote Youtube Channel Free and Get More Subscribers

we’ve got some good and best ways to promote your YouTube channel to increase your views.

So, what will you learn today?

  • How to make a Brand YouTube channel?
  • want to grow your YouTube channel fast?
  • Best way to Promote YouTube channel?
  • How to promote your YouTube channel?
  • free ways to promote your YouTube channel?

1.  YouTube Channel Design/Layout.

Promote Youtube Channel


Because the first Impression is the last impression. No one will subscribe you if your YouTube Channel layout design is not good. Make an awesome channel Logo and intro to attract the viewer and get more subscribers fast.

A. Select a right YouTube channel name and description.

The name of your channel is not very distracting, the channel name should be attracted to the people and can easily be called.

Always remember that your YouTube channel name and description appear in searches and YouTube suggested channel categories across YouTube, so make sure it is appealing.

B. Pick the right logo.

Make an awesome logo for your channel to attract the subscribers and viewers. Remember your channel logo should be promoting and highlighting your brand.

C. Make beautiful channel intro.

Your channel Intro should be very beautiful and unique because people will not see your video content first, they firstly seen your channel intro.

D. A Clear YouTube channel art.

Adjust your channel art Correctly Because You will have viewers on Mobiles, desktops, laptops and when a new layout comes out next week. that means you have to optimize your picture to look brilliant on every platform.

2. Promote YouTube Channel on Social Sharing.

Promote Youtube Channel on social media

Social media is the best option to Promote Youtube Channel Free, whenever you upload a new video on your channel then share it on social media,

but always remember that share your video only to the targeted and interested public.

Example – Your Channel is about Funny videos and you are sharing your video with News interested people then no one will watch your video or subscribe your channel.

A. How to Promote YouTube Channel on Facebook.

Facebook is the most used and popular social media network in the World. over one thousand million people globally are using Facebook. Over time you create or post a new video share it on Your Facebook page.

you will start a getting traffic fast if you rightly use Facebook page and groups to target Interested people.

B. How to Promote YouTube Channel on Google plus.

First, you need to setup your google plus account. Once you set up Google+ to promote your YouTube channel, you have two options. You Can set up a Google+ for especially for your YouTube channel or you may set up a Google+ page under your personal name.

Tips To promote your Channel On google plus

1. Your Page Should Represent Your YouTube Channel

2. Grow Your Google+ Page

3. Always Use Relevant Hashtags

4. Starting a Google+ Community Page

5. Use Your Google+ Page as a Blog

C. How to Use Reddit to get more views and Promote YouTube Channel.

Reddit is a totally Goldmine in terms of Interested viewers & subscribers. You can Get a lot of Viewers and subscribers with just, little smart work. now, let’s see how you can Promote YouTube Channel on Reddit.

  • Create a Reddit account.
  • Join the subreddit(s) related to your channel topic.
  • Analyse every subreddit individually.
  • Gain Karma points & Build a reputation.
  • Promote your YouTube channel.

Now it’s time to certainly put this effective approach into exercise and see a few real increases in your channel’s overall performance.

3. Work with Other Brands/Collaboration

Promote Youtube Channel

First, find a related people to work with and Promote YouTube Channel but you should be clear on what type of collaboration you want to with YouTube or brand.

How to Ask for Collaboration

  • Present Your Ideas
  • Contact via Email
  • Establish Rapport
  • Improve Your Social Proof
  • Reference their Work
  • Get Straight to the Point

4. Create an awesome video titles

Titles are the key to youtube success because viewers read your titles first and if they think that title is good they will watch your video. Always try to write an attractive or catchy title.

  • Be Descriptive
  • Do some Keyword Research
  • Title Character Counts
  • Always Learn From Others’ Successes On YouTube

5.  Use A custom Thumbnail / Catchy Thumbnail

promote your youtube video

This is the most important thing to do on youtube channel because no one can get a lot of views without a cool and attractive thumbnail.  No matter your Video content is greate or not without good Catchy Thumbnail you will not getting any viewers and subscribers.

  • Photo with a resolution of 1280×720 (minimum width of 640 pixels)
  • Image formats such as.JPG, GIF, BMP, or.PNG
  • Photo size under the 2MB limit
  • Use a 16:9 aspect ratio as it is the most used in YouTube players

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6. Crate a contest

When it comes to engaging with the public, you can run some content on your channel, Because everyone like the free gifts, Incentivize your viewers to subscribe and share your youtube channel, Crate a contest kickoff video with a call to action and share it across your social platform.

Remeber these things before Running a contest

  • Follow the YouTube contest guidelines and policies
  • Select a relevant prize
  • Try to reach a large audience
  • Take advantage of social reach

Read More about – How to Run a Successful YouTube Contest.


7. Create Q&A videos

How can you Promote YouTube Channel on your own channel? here is an idea, Start a campaign, pick up your audience quarry then answer their queries on your video. Few, tips for creating an awesome Q&A video that will really resonate with your audience.

  1. Make a video saying that you’re holding a Q&A.
  2. In that video, give the following information:
    • the day you stop accepting questions
    • when you will try to have the answers up by
    • any rules about questions you don’t want to be asked
  3. Post the video.
  4. Wait.
  5. Answer questions.
  6. Answer each question once, don’t answer repeats.

8. Make Unique & Interesting Videos

Always make A unique and interesting  Video and Don’t Copy Others Video, Put Your 100% to upload a better and better video every time.

When People watch your video, if the video is good, then they will also watch the second video. It’s the Best way to Promote YouTube Channel because people will share your video if your content is Unique & Interesting.

  • Make sure you add Subscribe Button at end of Video.
  • Link your popular Videos to other Videos.
  • Ask viewers to Likes, Comments & Share on Social Media.

Some more tips to make your video great as fuc*

1. Select a good looking background

2. Use wide or telephoto angles

3. Always use natural frame

4. Edit Your video tightly

5. Avoid on-camera zooms

6. Try moving the camera

9. Post Your Video In Comments

If your youtube channel is related to any Tutorials then Post video link in youtube comments, Quora, Blog comments, StackOverflow, Facebook Posts, etc.

10. YouTube Video Seo

YouTube video seo

Infographics by – Tag Seo

It is the most important that you optimize YouTube channel for SEO. Because  YouTube is the second-largest search engine on the internet, and if you are using youtube  SEO, your videos are going to reach a more and more audience through their searches.

Trending Topics – Try to make a video on trending topics because a lot of people are searching for these special keywords in the whole world or country. You can easily get a lot of traffic with trending topics.

You can use “Google trends” to find out trending topics in your niche.

Find the perfect keyword – Before you upload your video, Do some keyword research, find a keyword that people search on YouTube, you will find many online tools that can help you to find the best keyword for your video.

Some are good tools for best keyword research – Google AdWords: Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Soovle

Optimize Your tags –  Tags are the fundamental aspect of Youtube SEO. Google and Youtube bots crawl these tags to get a basic understanding of your video. Good tags can easily rank high your video on youtube.

I hope friend you enjoyed this post, Did we miss any tips to gain more youtube subscribers? If yes, let us know in the comments!

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