Super Mario Odyssey: Balloon World update, Where is Luigi, Kingdoms and Power Moons

‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Gets A Free ‘Balloon World’ Update

if you’re Seeking to squeeze a touch More out of top-notch Mario odyssey, then, then Nintendo was given something that’ll brighten your day.

This update comes with a series of latest clothes that permits you to spend cash on. There’s a few other healthy for Mario, there are solar shades and solar shirt outfit, and there’s a complete knight in armor gown that I’m guessing is going to be pretty steeply-priced. The update moreover comes with some new filters for image mode.

All you need to do to get entry to it is end the main story, and then look for Luigi within the kingdom and strike up a communication.

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In “disguise it” mode, gamers Are tasked with hiding a balloon below time strain, even as ‘find it’ asks you to, uh, do the alternative.

The replace Also brings new garments for mario, inclusive of musician and knight. once more available after you’ve got completed the primary tale. Rounding out the replace is a brand new pair of filters that you could use in photograph mode: coin and neon.

This update changed into introduced manner returned in January at some stage in a Nintendo direct, but it could not be the remaining one. Nintendo has promised more costumes to return, and perhaps, greater mini-games.

Nintendo may also pass noticeable paid DLC for the game and use those thoughts for a sequel.

Where is Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey

Luigi is finally in exquisite Mario Odyssey as a part of the game’s new Balloon world update which went stay these days. Game Explain explored all of the special dialog opportunities in a new video, and they are definitely, a 100% natural, unadulterated Luigi-isms.


during the last Nintendo Direct Mini, it turned into introduced that exceptional Mario Odyssey could be receiving a few loose DLC in a destiny replace that might be adding a brand new asynchronous multiplayer mode.

referred to as Luigi’s Balloon international, this new mode lets in challenges gamer to cover or discover balloons in a thirty 2d window, with coins being distributed as a praise.

Nintendo simply confirmed that the update for Luigi’s Balloon international is now to be had, so be sure to provide it a download and strive it out. the brand new replace additionally provides 3 new costumes for Mario to purchase in the store, and provides two additional filters to the in-recreation image mode. no longer awful for a free replacement, eh?

How many Kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey

KingdomCoin typeTotal CoinsGuide
Cap KingdomPurple Hats50Purple Hat locations
Cascade KingdomPurple Rings / Wheels50Purple Ring locations
Sand KingdomPurple Pyramids100Purple Pyramid locations
Lake KingdomPurple Teardrops50Purple Teardrop locations
Wooded KingdomPurple Nuts100Purple Nut locations
Lost KingdomPurple Leaves50Purple Leaf locations
Metro KingdomPurple Pennies100Purple Penny locations
Snow KingdomPurple Snowflakes50Purple Snowflake locations
Seaside KingdomPurple Shells100Purple Shell locations
Luncheon KingdomPurple Tomatoes100Purple Tomato locations
Bowser's KingdomPurple Bowser Tokens100Purple Bowser Token locations
Moon KingdomPurple Star Bits50Purple Star Bit locations
Mushroom KingdomPurple Star Coins100Purple Star Coin locations


Super Mario Odyssey Cap Kingdom Power Moons 

Super Mario Odyssey
Power Moons
Super Mario Odyssey
Mario Power Moons
Super Mario Odyssey
Mario Odyssey Moons
Super Mario Odyssey
Kingdom Moons
Super Mario Odyssey
Kingdom Power Moons
Super Mario Odyssey
Super Mario Odyssey
Power Moons

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How to Update Super Mario Odyssey?

These are some steps to update super Mario odyssey :

  1. First, you need to Connect the Nintendo Switch console to the Internet
  2. Second, now Return to the Home Menu and launch the game.
  3. Now, The update will be downloaded and installed automatically.
  4. Next, the update is installed, the new version number will be displayed on the title screen.

Some IMP Update Details:

  • Ver. 1.2.0 [Released 02/21/18]

Super Mario Odyssey Version 1.2.0

  • After completing the game a new mini-game “Balloon World” will now be playable.
  • Talk to Luigi in any of the kingdoms to start playing.
  • Next completing the game, a number of special outfits will add to the shop.
  • A number of new filters have been added to Snapshot Mode.
  • Jump Rope Challenge has adjusted, so that there will be a speed change after the reaching 110 jumps.
  • World Rankings and Friend Rankings have reset for Jump-Rope Challenge.
  • Best records will not be reset.
  • Fixed a number of issues to improve the gameplay experience.

Super Mario Odyssey: Balloon World update, Where is Luigi, Kingdoms and Power Moons

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