Agni-1: India Successfully Tested Agni-1 Ballistic Missile Capable of Carrying Nuclear Weapons

Agni-1: India Successfully Tested Agni-1 Ballistic Missile Capable of Carrying Nuclear Weapons

Agni-1 Ballistic Missile
Agni-1 Ballistic Missile

Delhi: India on Tuesday tested a country-made Agni-1 ballistic missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons from Odisha coastal region.

The Indian Army’s Tactical Force Command examines the launching of the Integrated Test Range (ITR) from the launch pad-4 to 700 km range of missile capable of carrying an explosive missile from Abdul Kalam Island, Balasore.

Defense sources said that it is the 18th edition of Agni-1 Ballistic Missile

According to defense sources, the single-phase missile from the surface to the surface was launched by the armed forces under regular testing practice. According to sources, this testifies the preparation of the army to launch it in less time also.

Agni-1 Ballistic Missile has a special navigation system which ensures that the missile succeeds in accurately targeting its target.

Agni-1 Ballistic Missile weigh

15-ton meters long and 12 ton weigh Agni-1 Ballistic Missile is capable of carrying load up to a thousand kg.

Agni-5 is the most advanced version of the Agni missile series, which is part of the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program, which started in the 1960’s.

Along with this missile, India has joined the United States, Russia, Britain, France and China with ICBM capabilities. Agni-5 missiles.

They have been developed by the Defense Research Organization (DRDO). Agni-1 Ballistic Missile has a range of 5000 kilometers and accordingly, its JD also comes to China and Pakistan.

It is the name of the island which is launched by Abdul Kalam.

Agni-1 to accurately penetrate the target of 700 km

He said that this is a solid rocket propellant system guided missile and it is equipped with a special navigation system. This system ensures that missiles reach their target with high accuracy.

Sources said that this missile, already included in the armed forces, proved itself in the range of distance, accuracy, and vulnerability.

Agni-1 Ballistic Missile range

Agni-1 Ballistic Missile
Agni-1 Ballistic Missile

12 tones of heavy and 15 meters long Agni-1 Ballistic Missile can carry up to 1,000 kilograms payload. It is able to penetrate the target of 700 kilometers. It is also capable of carrying nuclear missiles.

Agni-1 Ballistic Missile has been developed by the Advanced Systems Laboratory (ASL) in collaboration with Defense Research Development Laboratory (DRDL) and Research Center Building (RCI).

This missile has been consolidated by Bharat Dynamics Limited, Hyderabad.

Agni-1 Ballistic Missile Surface to Air

The sources further said that the trial again confirms that the missile is ready to work in a very short time. Agni-1 missile has a special navigation system to ensure that it reaches a perfectly accurate and accurate goal.

In terms of range and accuracy, it has proved its superb performance. The 15-meter long Agni-1 Ballistic Missile weight is 12 tons and it is capable of carrying up to 1,000 kg of nuclear weapons.

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